Solar PV System in Lakatameia

Our Results

Location: Lakatameia, Nicosia

Size: 3.00 kWp

Annual generation: 4371 kWh

CO2 savings per year : 3.94 tonnes

Annual Electricity Savings
Annual Electricity Generation

The Problem

Mrs Theocharidou lives in a large energy consuming house. Since the refurbishment of the house towards energy efficiency is at the moment very expensive, she started looking for a Photovoltaic solution in order to produce her own energy in an efficient and reliable manner.  As she was aware of Energy+ work in the solar energy market, she employed our energy consultants to assist her making the right choice according to her tight available budget and high electricity needs.

Our Solution

Following a free site investigation, our Energy+ solar experts produced a Renewable Energy business plan suggesting the most appropriate PV system that suits Mrs Theocharidou’s annual electricity needs and available budget. Following the preparation of a list of studies needed by the local authorities in order to grant permission for energy project execution, we chose to install high efficiency Luxor Polycrystalline PV modules and an advanced ABB 3000TL inverter on the south pitched roof. The PV system was successfully applied on the house’s pitched roof delivering the best return of investment for our customer. The 12 high-efficiency first generation solar panels are estimated to generate 4371kWh of electricity per year, which is enough power to cover more than 55% of her house’s annual electricity needs, saving over 1,208€ and  3,94 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and with a ROI of 4,7 years.

The Response

Mrs Theocharidou has stated

My expectations for our residential Photovoltaic System were very high and all I needed was someone to convince me that I can save a large proportion of money from our monthly electricity bill. At the same time, I needed to be sure that I was covered with warranties for all the products and electrical works used in our site. Energy+ consultants convinced me from the beginning that they know what they are doing and that I can trust them. Since I am an Environmentalist, I wanted to further reduce my carbon footprint by understanding the trends of energy production and consumption in my house. They have advised me to install the Elios4you three phase monitoring device and I am happy to say that I am now more energy cautious than ever.