Solar Photovoltaic System in Lakatameia

Our Results

Location: Lakatameia, Nicosia

Size: 3.00 kWp

Annual generation: 5124 kWh

CO2 savings per year : 4.6 tonnes

Annual Electricity Savings
Annual Electricity Generation

The Problem

Mrs Charalambous is a hardworking woman wanted to reduce her annual electricity costs for her 4-family house in Nicosia. Since Mrs Charalambous was eligible for a government grant of 2,700for a  3kWp Photovoltaic Installation, she decided to visit our consultancy company in order to guide her through the most appropriate solution according to her annual electricity needs and budget. Mrs Charalambous asked our professional assistance for the study, design and project management of her PV installation project.

Our Solution

Following a free site investigation, our Energy+ solar experts produced a Renewable Energy System business plan suggesting the most appropriate PV system that suits Mrs Charalambous annual electricity needs. Next, we proceeded with a list of studies needed by local authorities in order to grant permission for energy project execution. The PV system was successfully installed on the house’s pitched roof, delivering the best return of investment for our customer. The 12 high efficiency first generation solar panels are estimated to generate 5124kWh of electricity per year, which is enough power to cover more than 90% of her house’s annual electricity needs, saving over 819€ and  4,6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and with a ROI of 4,0 years.

The Response

Mrs & Mr Charalambous have stated

Energy+ engineers are experts in the field and they know how to execute a Solar PV project smoothly. They have proven that their aim is to satisfy their customers and provide the solution they need without any problems and delays. We are very happy that we are able to control our produced and consumed energy through our Elios4you application on our tablet anytime and anywhere we want to. We have achieved more than 10% reduction to our monthly electric bill with one touch.