Solar PV System in Tsakilero

Our Results

Location: Tsakilero, Larnaca

Size: 3.00 kWp

Annual generation: 4690 kWh

CO2 savings per year : 4.2 tonnes

Annual Electricity Savings
Annual Electricity Generation

The Problem

Mrs Diomidous, a Designer Engineer from Larnaca, was aware that Photovoltaic systems can be utilized to eliminate sky-high electric bills. All she needed was a thorough guidance from solar consultant experts to assist her in making the right choice according to the available budget and roof orientation. Mrs Diomidous chose Energy+ as independent solar energy consultants for the study, design and project management of her PV installation project.

Our Solution

Following a free site investigation, our Energy+ solar experts produced a Renewable Energy System business plan suggesting the most appropriate PV system that suits Mrs Diomidous annual electricity needs and available budget. Next, we proceeded with a list of studies needed by the local authorities in order to grant permission for the energy project’s execution. The PV system was successfully installed on the house’s flat roof, delivering the best return of investment for our customer. The 12 high efficiency first generation solar panels are estimated to generate 4690kWh of electricity per year, which is enough power to cover more than 40% of her house’s annual electricity needs, saving over 1,120€ and  4,2 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and with a ROI of 4,4 years.

The Response

Mrs Diomidous has stated

Choosing Independent Energy Consultant Engineers with long time experience in the field and knowledge about the pros and cons of every PV system component, has given us the feeling of safety and reliability we have been looking for the last couple of months since we decided to go solar. They are good and they show that they know what you need and can assist you turn sunshine into savings. Their reports and simulations on various systems and PV technologies using advance CAD software has given us the ability to choose the right system, along with our energy advisor. By the time we received the grant permission from EAC, they had already delivered the project in a week time without any problems and delays. My son is an Electrical Engineer and knew all about Elios4you application and the smart way to control energy consumption. If we cannot measure something, we cannot improve it.  Elios4you is indeed the smart way to save energy.