Solar Thermal Energy

Are you planning to invest in solar thermal energy?

Solar Thermal Energy Panels

Energy+ provides direct consultancy services to individuals, companies and potential investors in the area of home and commercial Solar Thermal Energy applications, delivering cost-effective solutions and energy savings with high payback rates from solar heating generation. The long-term experience of our team members in the study field, design and execution of such energy projects offer our customers valued, well-organized and right-on-time exceptional results.

We will suggest to you the most appropriate solar water heating system or/and commercial solar thermal generation plant system in order to ensure that your investment meets your objectives in terms of heating generation, carbon savings and return of investment.

Contact Energy+ for an onsite investigation where our energy consultants will produce a RES business plan and a list of studies outlined below to be submitted to the local authorities and grant permission for energy project.

  • Design and Planning Process
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Solar Thermal Feasibility Studies
  • Electromechanical Assessment
  • Civil Engineer Assessment
  • Environmental Studies
  • Technical Operation and Maintenance
  • Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy+ offers funding consultancy services to help you surpass the difficult part of finding the initial capital for your renewable energy investment. We can bring you in contact with several Government RES funding schemes, businesses, manufactures, installers, investors and banks and tailor the funding package to your needs.