Energy Efficiency Cyprus

Maximize your energy efficiency and reduce your running costs!

Energy Efficiency Cyprus

Did you ever consider how you can capitalize on your investments by making the correct selection of equipment from the very beginning?

Energy+  offers a comprehensive energy efficiency equipment report and recommends the right products for you. This report aims to improve your daily business activities, save money as well as make your clients aware of how business’ concern and ambitions for sustainable development.

Energy Efficiency Equipment Assessment will:

  • Provide an independent report for the appropriate products in lighting, heating and cooling, voltage reduction and optimization, solar shading and heat pumps, aiming to lower your energy consumption.
  • Calculate your savings for those products that can work for you with low annual maintenance costs.
  • Monitor your overall building energy usage and savings, while achieving the most efficient alterations for your new improved working environment.
  • Promote Green Marketing using Carbon Footprint Assessment.