Green Marketing

Develop green products and boost your sales!

Green marketing

Did you know that consumers are expecting from organizations, high environmental standards for the products and services they buy and use? Meet your carbon footprint targets, cut your costs and enhance your brand reputation. Follow our Green Marketing Package.

Energywill help you get the most of your carbon and energy savings by providing you an internationally recognized verification and certification that will enable you to broaden your market distribution and develop your organisation reputation.

  • Market your environmental awareness to customers and build your company reputation and brand preference
  • Engage your employees, improve their morale and help your company differentiate its products and services compared to your competitors
  • Cut costs and grow revenues
  • Reduce your value chain risks
  • Develop green products and boost your sales

Our Carbon Footprint management package includes labelling your product and organization, receipt of certification from the International Standard of Accreditation (ISO), Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14044) for achieving Carbon footprint reductions, Energy auditing and Employee Awareness on climate change and energy use and training on the use of Carbon Footprint Software.