Power Reducer: Do you know how to storage your photovoltaic energy?

Power Reducer: the smart Self-Consumption on App


  • It provides free hot water by using your photovoltaic energy!
  • How does it accomplish this?  It allows the “thermal storage” using the surplus generated energy rather than exporting to the grid.
  • What is it?  A proportional controller designed to automatically divert any surplus generated energy to a resistive load up to 3 kw.
  • What are its benefits?  1. Save money on your utility bills by importing less,  2. Self-consumption optimisation.
  • Universal and easy to install (as retrofit or new installations).
  • Complete control and visibility on app when used with Elios4you (available also the Stand-alone version with CT without Elios4you for low cost installations).
  • The only one compliant with CE and EMC norms (lab tested).