Intelly Modem & 4-Cloud

Photovoltaic Monitoring Systems

Easy Remote Access to your PV plants!

Energy+ introduces the Intelly Modem & 4-Cloud Dashboard, the quick and easy remote access to your PV installations on one Dashboard.Intelly Modem is the ideal solution for installers who need to monitor multiple PV systems simultaneously with the least numbers of devices, saving on overall costs.

Intelly Modem & 4-Cloud 1

IntellyModem is a GPRS Energy Counter that is retro-fitted to any generation meter using a universal Optical Interface or direct electrical connection. It measures the production directly from the generation meter and transmits the data via the mobile network to 4-CLOUD – a sophisticated online system that allows comprehensive reporting and remote diagnosing tools to manage a portfolio of PV installations on a single dashboard. Data is accessible at any time using a standard web browser, tablet or smart phone.

Intelly Modem & 4-Cloud 2

Key Features

  • A unique device that transmits the production data via GPRS to 4-Cloud
  • Universal: completely independent from the inverter and far more accurate as it acquires data directly from the generation meter
  • Easy to use and install: retro-fitted without any tampering to the existing equipment installed
  • Verifies the production of the energy generated: data stream is updated every hour (at 4 sample intervals every 15 minutes)
  • Track incentive income from investment accurately
  • Local monitoring with the In-House Display (with optional accessory)
  • Optimise self-consumption by scaling the kit to include appliance management (with optional accessory)
  • Accurately monitor energy purchased and sold to the grid (with optional accessory)
  • For single-phase and three-phase PV installations up to 1 MW
  • Dashboard ( real time power production, power peak, energy produced, income generated, CO2 savings, equivalent hours of output, alarm notifications, multiple site comparison)
  • Alarm management through dispatch of e-mail and text to nominated addressees to notify anomolies within 15 minutes of event for real-time management