Elios4you-Photovoltaic Net Metering

Cyprus Photovoltaic Monitoring Systems

Optimize your self-consumption by smart application

Energy+ introduces the Elios4you, the intelligent way to monitor your photovoltaic system, suitable for net metering and feed-in tariff customers, on mobile devices or/and tablet by a free smart application anytime, anywhere. Optimise your energy production, reduce your energy consumption and get lower electricity bills.

monitoring system for net metering tariff

Key Features

  • An innovative way to optimize self-consumption and monitor PV installations via a smart App, developed by 4-noks. Real-time data is made available on any mobile device (tablet or smartphone) or PC easily accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Precise measurement of the energy generated, consumed and exchanged with the grid, the overall household comsumption and the level of self-consumption achieved
  • Load activation: automatically manage appliances based on threshold parameters, through the on-board relay
  • Independant of the inverter or meter installed
  • Up to 20 years data storage usefull to build a profile of consumption behaviour
  • For single-phase up to 10 kW and three-phase PV installs up to 50 kW
  • Free App for iOS and Android mobile devices

How it Works

Elios4you is part of the fusebox wiring at home; with two CT’s it measures the electricity generated, the energy purchased from and sold to the grid and household consumption in real time. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a Tablet, Smartphone and also to the broadband router, which uploads the data to 4-CLOUD*. Elios4you is the perfect solution for obtaining real-time data on any device anytime, anywhere and anywhere.

Free Apps for iOS and Android

Elios4you monitoring system suitable for net metering