Photovoltaic Monitoring

IntellyGreen – A world of smart energy solutions for Photovoltaic Monitoring!



    • Elios4you

      The smart energy device for monitoring the single phase and three phase PV installations anytime, anywhere. Enables self-consumption and help PV owners to reduce their consumption by 15%. Free App for iOS and Android mobile devices

    • Power Reducer

      The intelligent way get free hot water by diverting any surplus PV energy from your PV installation to an immersion tank by the use of a solar PV immersion controller. Power Reducer can help you reducing your electricity bills by controlling the amount of energy drawn by the immersion tank and minimizing the imported energy from the grid.

    • Elios4you Smart

      Coming soon – the Wireless plugs/ switch that enables you to manage your household appliances cost-effectively through Elios4you.

    • IntellyModem

      The quick and easy remote access to your Photovoltaic installations on one Dashboard. The ideal solution for installers who need to monitor multiple PV systems simultaneously with the least numbers of devices, saving on overall costs.

    • 4-Cloud

      A sophisticated online photovoltaic monitoring system that allows comprehensive reporting and remote diagnosing tools to manage a portfolio of PV installations on a single dashboard.

    • Giant Display

      State publicly how your PV system contribute to the environment through the Wireless public display solution that demonstrate in real-time CO2 emissions saved in kg or tonnes, power in kW and the energy generated in kWh or MWh.