New REMS by 4-noks: Self-consumption with one touch!

The more you do self-consumption, the more you save on your bill! 

  • REMS, that is to say Renewable Energy Management System, the smart solution to maximize the use of self-generated energy and monitor the total household consumption from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Save on your electricity bill! With this 4-noks app you control in real-time the surplus generated energy so that you can use it and/or activate automatically a load (with a relais).
  • The system includes Elios4you, for real-time monitoring of your photovoltaic installation, + Power Reducer, that allows “thermal storage” (It automatically diverts surplus generated energy to an immersion tank or resistive load providing free hot water, rather than importing energy from the grid).

For any PV installation!

Quick and easy to install without any tampering!