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Who we are



Our Mission

To encourage sustainable development within the local community by promoting renewable energy technologies along with energy efficiency measures in order to reduce carbon emissions


Who We Are

Energy+ has been successfully advising clients related to energy and environment since 2012; The company is consisted by a very dynamic team of consultants specializing in different fields, dedicated to deliver exceptional advisory servicing that exceeds client expectations.

As an independent company, Energy+ aims to offer advisory services to the end user on the selection of the best renewable energy technology that will deliver , increased payback rates , energy savings, reduction of carbon emissions, and savings on client’s electricity bills.

Energy+ has decided to expand its operations to the offering of products related to energy savings and has recently has establish a collaboration with 4-noks for the distribution of smart monitoring device Elios4you. The Elios4you smart device optimizes the self-consumption and track PV system production through the use of intelligent software in the computer, smartphone and / or tablet. Elios4you monitors PV plants systems and manage the self-consumption. This system analyse both technical and economic data in real time, satisfying your customers’ needs.


Our Competencies

  • Motivational and enthusiastic team associates that care about sustainable development
  • Provision of a broad coverage of expertise in the area of sustainable development and safety
  • Determination to offer the best solution tailor-made to customers brief requirements
  • Readiness to challenge and undertake innovative ideas to exceed customers’ expectations
  • Ability to deliver excellent quality without sacrificing the client’s budgetary constraints


Meet Our Alter Egos

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    Charalambos Skamballis

    — Managing Director
    Renewables & Energy Management
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    — Consultant
    Construction & Planning
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    Maria Theocharidou

    — Consultant
    Health, Safety & Enviroment